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Do things that make you happy. Try things that will make you better. Look to your friends for inspiration. Everyone has a talent or a special gift to offer. Sometimes just doing the smallest thing can provide a sense of accomplishment, enhance our wellbeing and increase our self-worth. 

And if you feel uncomfortable...good! That means you're growing. See as many places as you can on this planet. Meet new people and try new things. There's so much I still want to do and try so you're invited to follow my adventures...the big and the bitty. We can enjoy them over Cocktails on Monday...or any day of the week.


10k? OK!

10k? OK!

There's something about signing up for a race that really motivates me. I love printing out a calendar, filling in all my run days and distances, and having a goal to focus on and work towards. Also, seeing my plan in writing holds me accountable and strengthens my resolve. (Besides, if it's not written down chances are I'll forget all about it! And that goes for just about anything these days.) So about 8 weeks ago I decided it was time to get motivated and sign up for a race. I looked for a local run that would be fun and challenging...but not too challenging...and decided on a 10k. I think the 10k distance is good because it's attainable without a huge time commitment, even for a novice runner. It's a distance that can be done alone with headphones (my preferred method) or with a running partner. Sometimes I feel it's silly to pay money to run a 5k...unless there's colored chalk, obstacles, or tutu's involved. Then, who cares what the distance it?! It's all about the fun! So my trusty companion and I signed up for the Windsor Fun Run 10k at Dorney Lake near Windsor and I found a Couch to 10k Training Program from one of my favorite trainers, Hal Higdon. Dorney Lake is set in 450 acres of parkland and is very flat. (But windy. Supposedly it's always windy out there.) It's also the place that hosted the rowing and kayak events during the Olympic and Paralympic Games for London in 2012, which I thought was pretty cool.

Over the next 8 weeks I really tried to stick to my training schedule and actually did a great job until about 2 weeks before the run. Then life got in the way--travel and sick kiddo--and I think I got in one 5 mile run during those final 2 weeks. But I knew I could do 6 miles and was determined to complete the race, even if it meant taking walking breaks. I'm not one to worry about time anyway; I suppose I've never gotten good enough to shoot for that goal. In my mind I want to achieve the distance without walking, then later I'll focus on improving my time. Or not. "Time" will tell! Lol. I made a punny. Anyway...

On the day of the race the sun was no where to be seen but the wind was front and center! I wasn't really ready for this run, I was cold, and I'm not gonna lie I did think we could just do the 5k (yeah I remember what I said about that) and call it a day. But my trusty companion and I decided to be tough, stop our whinging (whining) and go for it! And I'm so glad we did! Even though we walked (and stopped to take a few selfies) at points along the route, we took in the beautiful scenery, got some great exercise, and enjoyed each other's company! We completed our two laps around the lake chatting and giggling the whole way. That is what I'll remember about the Windsor 10k Fun Run that day. Not how fast (or slow) we completed the run or how many people we beat or that beat us (A LOT) but the time my friend and I spent together.  So even if you don't complete the training you set out to do or you know you're going to have a walk a few times, don't miss out on the opportunity to get outside for some fresh air, do something healthy for your body & mind, and spend time with a good friend. You will never regret it and chances are it'll end up inspiring you to sign up for another one! 10k anyone?

{Kevin and I went on a 3 mile walk the other day along the Thames River in Marlow. It's always a good time for us to discuss our upcoming move, his new job, Mallie...well, you get the picture. It's always a good time to talk. We ended our walk in town for an early lunch and came across a sign saying "Limoncello Tasting" in a little Italian shop. We went in to taste and it was so good! Then we learned it's good when mixed with Prosecco so we were sold! (Kevin has taken a liking to Prosecco lately--hope this doesn't get his "Man Card" revoked.) We've been enjoying this cocktail in the evenings and it's really good. Here's a recipe that also includes some frozen raspberries. Yum! Cheers/Saluti!}

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

Recipe Type: Cocktail

Total time: 5 mins

Serves: 1 serving

Refreshing, bubbly, sweet cocktail that you can make in just minutes!


  • 1/2 cup Prosecco
  • 1 shot limoncello
  • 6 frozen raspberries
  • 1 lemon for garnish


  1. Fill a champagne flute or wine glass with 1/2 cup to 1 cup of prosecco.
  2. Add in 1 shot of limoncello to the drink. If you are making a large glass I would add a shot and a half.
  3. Put 4 frozen raspberries into the drink to finish it off.
  4. Enjoy!
 Raspberry & Lemoncello Prosecco

Raspberry & Lemoncello Prosecco

Sometimes a Walk is More Than a Walk

Sometimes a Walk is More Than a Walk

Cocktail Masters...or Not

Cocktail Masters...or Not