A Little About Me


Hello friends!

Hi there! I'm a Marine Corps (now retired) wife, mom to a beautiful 10 year old girl (who's growing up way too fast!), a dreamer, planner, procrastinator, traveler, wine lover, wanna-be runner, avid reader, pretty good cook but really bad baker, gift bag hoarder, super shopper, reality TV watcher, and cocktail drinker with a passion to try new things and connect with people. I've lived in 7 states, 2 foreign countries and have travelled to over 17 countries across the world. I'm up for just about anything (at least once) and am so excited to share my adventures with you!! I hope you enjoy reading about them and that they offer you some amount of joy or maybe some inspiration--both would be ideal. So pour yourself a cocktail, relax, and enjoy! Cheers!